Centre Contact Checklist (Shamrock Hockey League)

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Centre Contact ChecklistLast Updated: July 8, 2013

  • New executive to set agenda for current season.
  • League to review amendments and rule changes being addressed at the OMHA annual meeting.
  • League requires a Centre to host the annual Midget/Minor Midget All-Star night for the current season.
  • Ensure playoff plaques are located in the proper centers and that the plaque sheet has been signed by the Contacts confirming plaque locations. (Centres are responsible for engraving) Secretary to ensure meeting room for general meetings for the current season are arranged and booked as required.
  • League members to consider and approve expenses for individuals required to attend the OMHA annual meeting on behalf of the League.
  • Executive to meet if required (generally no members meeting required)
  • Centres are reminded that teams need to be registered for the next season with the OMHA for anyone to attend as a delegate at the OMHA’s Annual Meeting.
  • Review new rules and amendments passed at the OMHA annual meeting that may have an affect on members of the League.
  • Members to consider changes to the Leagues rules of operation, if required, for the current season.
  • Members to consider and approve the payment for services to the Statistician for the past season.
  • Centres to provide ice times for each team entered and provide block out dates where required.
  • Provide statistician with direction on the number of games for League play. League requires Centre Contacts Information for the current season to be included on information packages.
  • Secretary and Treasurer to ensure that the League’s Insurance for Directors and Officers Liability is in place/paid for current season.
  • League registrations are due by no later than September 15 of the current season. Centre Contacts to review the schedules on the web site to ensure accuracy and note conflicts prior to the start of the playing season.
  • League to consider and approve the purchase of the Midget/Minor Midget All Star sweaters and medallions for the current season, appoint executive member to complete this task.
  • Start playoff review for current season
  • Playoff review continues
  • Set time and place for December general meeting (Christmas event)
  • Midget/Minor Midget All-star committee to ensure guidelines are in place and Centers to start compiling participants for attendance in each age group as required.
  • General league business and Schedule review if required.
  • Midget/Minor Midget All-star committee requires the Names and preferred number on sweater for individuals participating in Midget/Minor Midget All-star game. All-star information to be email, phoned or faxed to the SHL executive representative.
  • A Nominations committee to be formed to provide assurances that the positions on the executive for the following year are in order. This committee to include 2 current Executive members and 2 SHL members.
  • Christmas cheer
  • Final playoff review – set parameters for format and rules.
  • All Championship Plaques to be returned by next meeting and must be fully engraved.
  • Pools, Schedules and contracts set for League play downs
  • Set date, time and place for Second Round league play-off meeting, only if it is a different time and place than the League’ regular meeting.
  • Plaques and (medallions) distributed to one of the centers that may be advancing in their pool. Ensure that the team that advances has hardware on hand during final series if a championship could be won.
  • The SHL Executive should provide any Constitution or housecleaning changes that should be tabled and reviewed for inclusion and adoption at the Annual general meeting. Copies of information should be in the hands on the members prior to.
  • Monitor League playoffs.
  • League to ensure that nominations for Executive positions for the coming season have been addressed and persons are in place to run for all positions if required. Prepare an agenda for the Annual meeting
  • Secretary to provide a quote for the dinner meeting for approval by the members. Review any current items which may be tabled at the SHL Annual meeting and make the necessary preparations.
  • Annual meeting