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Series C (Feb 10-Feb 26)

Winner to Pool A, 2nd to Pool B

TeamGPWLTPtsW %GFGAGF %Last 10Streak
1Strathroy Jr. Rockets 8330061.0001730.8503-0-0WON 3
2Wallaceburg Lakers 9303000.0003170.1500-3-0LOST 3
Game #DateTimeAwayScoreHomeVenue
SH-PW-SC1Feb 157:30 PMWallaceburg1-4StrathroyGemini (Green)
SH-PW-SC2Feb 197:50 PMStrathroy6-1WallaceburgWallaceburg
SH-PW-SC3Feb 227:30 PMWallaceburg1-7StrathroyGemini (Green)
All Scheduled Games
Game #DateTimeAwayScoreHomeVenue
SH-PW-SE5Feb 157:00 PMBelmont Rangers5-5South Kent LightningRidgetown
SH-PW-SC1Feb 157:30 PMWallaceburg Lakers1-4Strathroy Jr. RocketsGemini (Green)
SH-PW-SD1Feb 158:15 PMEast Lambton Eagles6-5North Middlesex Jr. StarsNorth Middlesex
SH-PW-SE4Feb 163:00 PMBelmont Rangers8-5Dresden Jr. KingsKen Houston
SH-PW-SB1Feb 163:10 PMMt. Brydges Cougars0-2Dorchester DragonsDorchester (South)
SH-PW-SB2Feb 1712:00 PMDorchester Dragons3-2Mt. Brydges CougarsTri-Township
SH-PW-SA1Feb 172:10 PMPetrolia Oilers7-2South Huron SabresSouth Huron
SH-PW-SD2Feb 174:15 PMNorth Middlesex Jr. Stars3-10East Lambton EaglesWatford
SH-PW-SA2Feb 187:20 PMSouth Huron Sabres4-4Petrolia OilersGreenwood
SH-PW-SC2Feb 197:50 PMStrathroy Jr. Rockets6-1Wallaceburg LakersWallaceburg
SH-PW-SA3Feb 206:30 PMPetrolia Oilers2-3South Huron SabresSouth Huron
SH-PW-SE1Feb 207:00 PMSouth Kent Lightning1-4Belmont RangersBelmont
SH-PW-SB3Feb 207:30 PMMt. Brydges Cougars2-2Dorchester DragonsDorchester (North)
SH-PW-SE6Feb 217:00 PMDresden Jr. Kings8-2South Kent LightningRidgetown
SH-PW-SD3Feb 218:00 PMNorth Middlesex Jr. Stars7-2East Lambton EaglesAlvinston
SH-PW-SC3Feb 227:30 PMWallaceburg Lakers1-7Strathroy Jr. RocketsGemini (Green)
SH-PW-SD4Feb 2312:00 PMEast Lambton Eagles6-3North Middlesex Jr. StarsNorth Middlesex
SH-PW-SE2Feb 232:45 PMDresden Jr. Kings6-3Belmont RangersBelmont
SH-PW-SA4Feb 234:40 PMSouth Huron Sabres2-6Petrolia OilersGreenwood
SH-PW-SB4Feb 238:30 PMMt. Brydges Cougars1-4Dorchester DragonsDorchester (South)
SH-PW-SE3Feb 243:00 PMSouth Kent Lightning3-5Dresden Jr. KingsKen Houston
SH-PW-SA5Feb 244:00 PMPetrolia Oilers4-3South Huron SabresStephen Township
SH-PW-PC-F-5Mar 017:00 PMBelmont Rangers0-6South Kent LightningRidgetown
SH-PW-PB-SF2-4Mar 017:15 PMWallaceburg Lakers1-2Lambton Shores PredatorsThedford
SH-PW-PA-SF2-2Mar 017:30 PMMooretown Jr. Flags1-5Strathroy Jr. RocketsGemini (Green)
SH-PW-PC-F-2Mar 022:45 PMSouth Kent Lightning5-5Belmont RangersBelmont
SH-PW-PA-SF2-1Mar 023:50 PMStrathroy Jr. Rockets4-5Mooretown Jr. FlagsMSC (Rink 2)
SH-PW-PA-SF1-2Mar 024:40 PMDorchester Dragons2-1Petrolia OilersGreenwood
SH-PW-PB-SF1-5Mar 025:45 PMEast Lambton Eagles1-5Mt. Brydges CougarsTri-Township
SH-PW-PB-SF2-6Mar 026:00 PMLambton Shores Predators0-4Wallaceburg LakersWallaceburg
SH-PW-PB-SF1-2Mar 034:15 PMSouth Huron Sabres7-2East Lambton EaglesWatford
SH-PW-PB-SF2-3Mar 035:30 PMDresden Jr. Kings3-6Lambton Shores PredatorsForest (Amtelecom)
SH-PW-PA-SF1-1Mar 038:00 PMPetrolia Oilers0-3Dorchester DragonsDorchester (South)
SH-PW-PC-F-6Mar 048:00 PMNorth Middlesex Jr. Stars10-9South Kent LightningBlenheim
SH-PW-PA-SF1-3Mar 057:40 PMPetrolia Oilers2-4Dorchester DragonsDorchester (South)
SH-PW-PB-SF2-5Mar 057:40 PMDresden Jr. Kings1-5Wallaceburg LakersWallaceburg
SH-PW-PA-SF2-3Mar 066:40 PMStrathroy Jr. Rockets3-1Mooretown Jr. FlagsMSC (Rink 2)
SH-PW-PC-F-4Mar 067:00 PMSouth Kent Lightning4-7North Middlesex Jr. StarsNorth Middlesex
SH-PW-PB-SF1-4Mar 067:40 PMMt. Brydges Cougars4-2South Huron SabresSouth Huron
SH-PW-PC-F-3Mar 077:00 PMBelmont Rangers9-9North Middlesex Jr. StarsNorth Middlesex
SH-PW-PB-SF1-6Mar 077:35 PMSouth Huron Sabres4-1Mt. Brydges CougarsTri-Township
SH-PW-PB-SF1-3Mar 086:00 PMEast Lambton Eagles4-11South Huron SabresSouth Huron
SH-PW-PA-SF2-4Mar 087:05 PMMooretown Jr. Flags4-5Strathroy Jr. RocketsGemini (Blue)
SH-PW-PC-F-1Mar 092:45 PMNorth Middlesex Jr. Stars4-3Belmont RangersBelmont
SH-PW-PB-SF2-1Mar 093:00 PMLambton Shores Predators4-1Dresden Jr. KingsKen Houston
SH-PW-PB-SF1-1Mar 104:15 PMMt. Brydges Cougars11-3East Lambton EaglesWatford
SH-PW-PB-SF2-2Mar 128:25 PMWallaceburg Lakers6-3Dresden Jr. KingsKen Houston
SH-PW-PB-SF2-9Mar 174:30 PMMt. Brydges Cougars4-3South Huron SabresSouth Huron
SH-PW-PAF-1Mar 175:10 PMStrathroy Jr. Rockets2-4Dorchester DragonsDorchester (South)
SH-PW-PB-SF2-7Mar 176:30 PMLambton Shores Predators1-2Wallaceburg LakersWallaceburg
SH-PW-PCF-1Mar 187:00 PMSouth Kent Lightning7-5North Middlesex Jr. StarsNorth Middlesex
SH-PW-PAF-2Mar 197:00 PMDorchester Dragons2-1Strathroy Jr. RocketsGemini (Green)
SH-PW-PCF-2Mar 197:30 PMNorth Middlesex Jr. Stars3-6South Kent LightningBlenheim
SH-PW-PAF-3Mar 217:10 PMStrathroy Jr. Rockets3-7Dorchester DragonsDorchester (South)
SH-PW-PBF-1Mar 236:00 PMMt. Brydges Cougars4-2Wallaceburg LakersWallaceburg
SH-PW-PBF-2Mar 257:00 PMWallaceburg Lakers5-2Mt. Brydges CougarsTri-Township
SH-PW-PBF-3Mar 267:30 PMMt. Brydges Cougars0-2Wallaceburg LakersWallaceburg
SH-PW-PBF-5Mar 296:30 PMMt. Brydges Cougars1-7Wallaceburg LakersWallaceburg
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