Rules of Operation (Shamrock Hockey League)

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1. Registration fees shall be determined on a yearly basis, established after the year-end financial statement and thus set at a per team amount to cover anticipated expenses for the up coming season. All team entries are to be submitted by September 15 of the current season. Only teams registered with the OMHA are eligible for membership in the Shamrock League.

League scheduling for each team shall consist of  24 games. League games will being Fri Oct 7. All league games shall be completed by 11:59pm Sun Jan 29, 2023. No games shall be scheduling Dec 24th to Jan 1st.  Failure to complete a game prior to the Jan 29th as approved by the league executive shall result in forfeit by the offending team and league fines shall be imposed per league policy. Standings as of Jan 29, 2023 of the current season shall be used for all Playdown and Playoff Seeding except as noted in the case of a round robin preliminary series.

2b. U9 MD will consist of 12 cross-ice games and 12 full-ice games.  Cross-Ice games will be scheduled Fri Oct 7th, 2022 to Jan 14th, 2023.  Full-Ice games will be played Jan 15th, 2023 to March 31st, 2023.


3a. Game lengths are per OMHA regulation 10.2, table 10.2b (page 142/143 Manual of Operations); U11 section B - 10,10,15; U13 Section C -10,15,15; U15 Section C - 10,15,15 (flood between 2nd & 3rd); U18 Section D - 15-15-15 (flood between 2nd & 3rd)

3b. There is to be no flood in any curfew game and refer to OMHA regulation 10.3 (page 143) in relation to curfews. For curfews; the game sheet must be initialed by both coaches prior to the start of the game.


4. The suggested starting times for games are as follows: U9 & U11 prior to 7:45 pm; U13 & U15 prior to 8:45 pm; and U18 prior to 9:30 pm. No game can be scheduled to start after 9:30 pm on any day or before 6:15 pm on a weeknight unless agreed to by both Centres.


5. The home team must supply referees, game sheets, an official scorer, and a competent timekeeper. The visiting team has the right to put someone in the timer's box before the game begins.


6. The coaches should ensure the game sheet is fully completed. The home team coach shall be responsible for all additional information pertaining to the game sheet (e.g. game number, date, curfew, etc.)


7. Referees for all games must be carded as per OMHA rules for the respective age divisions. U15 must use a three-man system. U18 must have a three-man system, but a four-man is more ideal.


9. All game changes, scores and cancellations shall be completed using The OneDB data base and follow the policies set out by the SHL. Any game cancellation other than for weather or unforeseen circumstances must be completed at least 7 days prior to the scheduled date and a rescheduled date must be set and agreed upon within 14 days. Games cancelled due to weather or arena breakdown require reasonable notice. Contact persons are responsible for all cancellations and rescheduling.


10. All players and officials must be on a roster, which has been submitted to the OMHA for approval prior to the first league game.


11. A team entering a protest must do so in writing by electronic mail, facsimile, courier or personal to the League President with copies going to the appropriate contact person. The document must be received within 48 hours of the start of the game. Teams wishing to file a defense must do so within 36 hours after being notified of the protest by the President. The executive committee will rule on the protest. Any financial awards are due within fourteen (14) days or funds will be taken from the bond account. The Centre must reimburse the bond account by the end of the current season or face suspension. See the SHL policies for more details and fees.


12. All game changes or cancellations shall be completed between the two Shamrock Centre Reps prior to inputting that information into The OneDB data base.


13. All league games must be played. Any league game not played by one week after the schedule has been completed will result in a fine. The League Executive will mediate any rescheduling difficulties where applicable.

The Shamrock Hockey League defines "Playoffs" as Shamrock Hockey League games for League championships. Round robin preliminary series are permitted for Playoffs.  However, for U15 and above, only one team may advance to the Final from any preliminary round robin series. All other series shall be 4 or 6 point series in accordance with OMHA rules.  Where necessary, preliminary round byes shall be given to the highest seeded teams until sufficient teams are eliminated to establish a balanced draw. Teams shall be seeded according to win percentage in all regular season games.  The team earning the highest win percentage shall be seeded first and seeding shall follow thereafter. Home ice advantage will be determined by the seeding rank as determined above with the highest seed having home ice advantage.  


15. All league playoff series and classifications will be set in February of the current season. Any team not wishing to compete in league playoffs must inform the league secretary by this date. Failure to meet playoff commitments will result in discipline by the league. Playoffs will follow the same rules as OMHA play downs. All series require a contract to be signed prior to the start of the first game and all game sheets are to be sent to the appropriate playoff statistician promptly.



Fines: Please refer to the Policy section on the League Web site