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Game cancellations:

Rule #8:

Any game cancellation other than for weather or unforeseen circumstances must be completed at least 7 days prior to the scheduled date and a rescheduled date must be set and agreed upon within 14 days. Games cancelled due to weather or arena breakdown require reasonable notice. Contact persons are responsible for all cancellations and rescheduling.

A team's failure to meet its game commitment will be fined $150.00 with payment payable to the Shamrock League.  
The League will then reimburse the center of the non-offending team the full amount of $150.00. This rule is intended for last minute cancellations and mainly those cancellations by persons other than the Shamrock contacts. As noted in rule # 8, all cancellations or rescheduling of games must be completed through and by the Shamrock contact for each center. The intent is to offset the expenses for referees and off ice officials due to a last minute cancellation.


Any association not represented at a scheduled league meeting will be fined $25.00. It is the responsibility of the Shamrock Contact Person to ensure that if he/she cannot attend a scheduled meeting of the League that he/she make arrangements within his/her own organization to provide an alternate representative to receive monthly information of behalf on the League and to provide in return any information required of his/her center. A cheque issued by the offending center is required as payment for all fines. Failure to make payment will be dealt with through the members and if not paid, the monies will be retrieved through the centers bond held by the League and the bond amount shall be replenished to its full amount prior to the start of the following season.


Protest fee is $25.00 Defense fee of a Protest is $15.00. A team entering a protest must do so by electronic mail, facsimile, courier or personal delivery to the League President with copies going to the appropriate contact person. The documentation must be received within 48 hours of the start of the game. Teams wishing to file a defense must do so within 36 hours after being notified of the protest by the President. The executive committee will rule on the protest.  Any financial awards are due within fourteen (14) days or funds will be taken from the bond account. The center must reimburse the bond account by the end of the current season or face suspension. Protests shall be as per OMHA rules and regulations where applicable.


Rule #12:

All league games must be played. Any league game not played by one week after the schedule is finished will result in a fine. The League Executive will mediate any rescheduling difficulties.

League games not completed as per Rule 12: the home center not providing the actual game time for the scheduled or rescheduled game date shall be fined $500.00. Also a visiting team who fails to meet previously agreed upon 
rescheduled dates of games and does not attend on the date provided shall also be fined $500.00.  Fine money shall be distributed as follows- $100 awarded to the offended center and $100 to the league.

Definition of a “Complete Game”:

  • The Shamrock League shall consider a complete game as per OMHA rule #26, table 26A, line A. (therefore the minimum length of a game is 30 minutes of non stop playing time) In the event any League game or League Playoff game is not completed, the League will require that the Center responsible for the incomplete game shall arrange the sufficient amount of ice time to complete the remaining time, to equal the total of the 30 minute minimum game length. The game time remaining may precede the next regular scheduled game or time may be made available by the Visiting center if acceptable to both Centers. In either circumstance the League will consider and rule on the options available and their decision will be binding. Consideration of OMHA rule #53 shall also be noted in this context.


Rule #11:

The contact person is to ensure that game sheets are forwarded promptly.

  1.  Games must be uploaded the evening the game is played.  



  1. July meeting shall determine the number of home games proposed for the upcoming season that will need to be proportional based on number of teams entered in each specific age group. August 1st all ice times for each team entered to play in the Shamrock League must be forwarded to the Statistician on the League’s supplied form; to be used by the SHL for scheduling games for the next season. Failure to provide ice times will result in the League, upon confirmation of Centre and its teams being registered with the OMHA, using the previous years submitted ice times for entering those dates and times for the current schedule.
  2. League scheduling for each team shall consist of  24 games. League games will being Fri Oct 7. All league games shall be completed by 11:59pm Sun Jan 29, 2023. No games shall be scheduling Dec 24th to Jan 1st.  Failure to complete a game prior to the Jan 29th as approved by the league executive shall result in forfeit by the offending team and league fines shall be imposed per league policy. Standings as of Jan 29, 2023 of the current season shall be used for all Playdown and Playoff Seeding except as noted in the case of a round robin preliminary series.
  3. U9 MD will consist of 12 cross-ice games and 12 full-ice games.  Cross-Ice games will be scheduled Fri Oct 7th, 2022 to Jan 14th, 2023.  Full-Ice games will be played Jan 15th, 2023 to March 31st, 2023.
  4. The League’s Statistician will provide a schedule for each age group base on the information provided. The Statistician will then forward the schedule to The OneDB database where it will be posted online. Once online the Centre Contacts will be notified and will have until a designated date (provided at the August meeting) to make any adjustments or changes to their Home ice times only or to add dates to any unscheduled games not completed in the original schedule (all changes shall have verification from the visiting Centre prior to entering a date and time on The OneDB.

  5. All changes during the season are to be negotiated by the Shamrock Centre Contacts prior to any changes being made The OneDB system. The Home team is responsible for game changes affecting only dates and times at their own facilities. If this cannot be completed as required, an SHL executive designated person will act as their alternate site administrator.

  6. The League will establish an administration “Fee” for Centres who do not follow the guidelines set out for score reporting, changes and cancellations and any users not directly connected with all the services provided through the official web site and The OneDB if required.

  7. The OneDB will at no time allow the visiting Centre to change the ice schedule for another Centre.  (Important note – all changes must be made on The OneDB – these changes will reflect on your MBSportsWeb Home Page automatically but does not work if you insert changes on your Centres Home Page nor will notifications to other Centre’s be forwarded if changes are done on your Centres home page – so ensure all changes are entered for SHL items directly into The OneDB.

  8. All changes require a box to be filled in with a reason for cancellation – A. enters who (Centre) is cancelling and B. the reason (tournament etc).

  9. The OneDB will not allow game changes less than 7 days from the date of entering the change into the system.  In this instance, contact a SHL Executive for assistance along with verification from both Centre’s involved that warrant a change in this context.

  10. For last minute or day of cancellations; this will be directly done through the Centre Contact through email, phone or mobile device with notification to the SHL Executive designated representative. Shamrock rules still apply to include fines. The cancelled game will be immediately re-scheduled. (SHL Administrator would then make that cancellation in The OneDB but instant notification would not be guaranteed as for availability of administrators at the time of the cancellation).

  11. The Home team is to enter scores onto The OneDB data base within 24hrs after the end of the game. Multiple persons can be given access to enter scores, ie; recommend one person from each team be assigned this task to keep the information current.  Notify the Statistician and OMHA Convenor of any incorrect scores shown on The OneDB. The OMHA Convenor will also verify all scores with the original game sheets provided.

  12. Each Centre will provide the Statistician with the names of the administrator who will be making changes on The OneDB to their home schedule for Shamrock play during the current season (ie: cancellations and game changes). The League shall limit the number of people with this access to The OneDB for each SHL Centre to no more than 3 people – recommended - shamrock contact person, Centre ice scheduler and an alternate person.

The Shamrock Hockey League defines "Playdowns" as OMHA games for provincial championships.


The Shamrock Hockey League defines "Playoffs" as Shamrock Hockey League games for League championships. 

  1. Round robin preliminary series are permitted for Playoffs.  However, for Bantam and above, only one team may advance to the Final from any preliminary round robin series. 
  2. All other series shall be 4 or 6 point series in accordance with OMHA rules.  Where necessary, preliminary round byes shall be given to the highest seeded teams until sufficient teams are eliminated to establish a balanced draw.
  3. Teams shall be seeded according to win percentage in all regular season games.  The team earning the highest win percentage shall be seeded first and seeding shall follow thereafter.
  4. Home ice advantage will be determined by the seeding rank as determined above with the highest seed having home ice advantage.
  5. MIDGET DIVISION - Each player is “allowed” one Major Penalty (GM) during the entire Shamrock League Playoffs. A player being assessed their second Major Penalty is disqualified from further participation in the Shamrock League Playoffs for the remainder of the season, and is considered to be an ineligible player.

The League will from time to time have to determine placement of teams in the standings who have equal points.  Therefore the League will use the following to further determine placement by using head to head match-ups between the teams tied only based on

  1. Wins
  2. Winning percentage
  3. Using a calculation "total number of goals for divided by total number of goals ( for and against )"
  4. Using a calculation on "goals for" plus "goals against" divided by "goals for”.

The above calculation shall be limited to the balanced home and home schedule per above.  For Playoffs, the calculation shall include all regular season games


The league has established an understanding that on behalf of its members the executive will be entrusted to act on it’s behalf on issues regarding gifts and or donations for times of bereavement, sickness, injury and appreciation etc. The league has agreed to a maximum amount of $75.00 for any such individual gift or donation. All such gifts or donations will be recorded at a general meeting for information to the members. Members are encouraged to notify an Executive member on any situation where this may apply.


The league has established an understanding that on behalf of its members the League hands out Plagues to recognize champions for the numerous divisions and age groups within the League. It is the responsibility of the center that is the recipient of these plaques to ensure that the engraving is completed at their cost. It is the Shamrock representative’s responsibility to ensure the location of the Plaque and have it returned to the League for distribution for the next season by no later than the January general meeting of the Shamrock League. Failure to return the plaque shall result in the League being reimbursed by the Center who was responsible for that particular plaque. The Shamrock representative for that center will be forwarded a bill for the cost to replace the plaque or the funds reclaimed through the centers bond, which shall be replenished prior to team registration in the following year.


The Bond Account is a deposit comprised of a One Hundred Dollar ($100.00) Security contributed by each member of the Shamrock League. Any member who does not meet their financial obligations to the League shall have any outstanding balances paid from the Bond Account in their name. The Center must then reimburse the Bond Account by the end of the current season or face suspension from further involvement in the Shamrock League. The League treasurer maintains the Bond Account as a separate interest bearing deposit account. It is used as a last resort to settle a member’s Shamrock League financial discrepancies only.

**Updated Sept 2022