All-Star Guidelines (Shamrock Hockey League)

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All-Star Games GuidelinesLast Updated: July 20, 2015

  1. Participation for the annual Major/Minor Midget All-Star game shall be mandatory for all Centre's who enter a U18 and/or U16 team in any of the OMHA rep categories.  Failure to have representation at the SHL U16/U18 All-Star event will result in the Centre being fined under the policy for "failure to meet League commitments."
  2. The location of the annual U16/U18 All-Star game shall be determined by any Centre submitting a request to host this event. SHL will do it’s due diligence to have the event located in different geographical locations within the League from year to year. The League will receive submissions and the members will determine the host by election or similar means.
  3. The All-Star format is for U16 (15yrs olds only) and U18.
  4. The All-Star games shall be back-to-back games, to be held on a Weeknight, where possible, of the current hockey season.
  5. The host centre shall provide a minimum of four (4) hours of ice time.
  6. The games are to be officiated by a three-man system as a minimum.
  7. Member organizations will cover the costs of the sweaters. Each centre will provide payment per participant, representing their centre, with the payment made out to the Shamrock Hockey League.
  8. The sweaters provided will be donated to the players chosen by their centres to participate, with each sweater bearing the name of the participant on the back of the sweater.
  9. The host centre will be responsible to provide a program for the evenings events, to include the players name and centre. The cost to be absorbed by the host centre. The program must state that this is the “Shamrock All-Star Game” (Program advertising is allowed upon approval of the League)
  10. Each centre to send two (2) U16 (15 yr. olds) and two (2) U18 skaters to participate at the All-Star game (some alternates may be required from season to season due to number of teams registered in any given year) . Centre contacts to be responsible to forward names of participants to League official by a designated date established by the SHL Executive member of the current hockey season.
  11. The Head Coach for each team shall select Three (3) goaltenders and each goaltender will participate on an equal time basis.
  12. Team officials will be determined by the following standard:
    • Head Coach: from the team that is first (1) place in points in each division as of the December general meeting
    • Assistant Coach: from the team that is first (1) place in points in each division as of the December general meeting
    • Assistant Coach: From the host centre
    • Trainer: From the host centre
    (If the Host team is the first (1) place finish at the December meeting, than the Head Coach and Trainer will be from the Host centre and the Assistant Coaches will be from the Second (2) place team as of the December meeting.
  13. The Host centre will notify the offices of the OHA and OHL with times and dates of the game for scouts to attend, as soon as date is established.
  14. The Host centre shall appoint an individual to select a Player of the Game for each division of each game. (gift optional for player of the game and will be the responsibility of the host centre)
  15. Gate admission is not allowed.
  16. Advertising is the responsibility of the Host Centre
  17. Host Centre may provide a Media/Guest area for exchange of Player Information and fellowship.